How often should I plunge?

Once per day is ideal but have seen a beneficial impact on our health using a 3-5 times per week schedule Maintenance Our model is designed to keep the water clean without needing to change the water after each use. There’s an inlet strainer that collects hair, lint and etc. that will need to be cleaned after every few plunges The water filter will need to be changed monthly if you’re using the plunge daily.

How Cold does it get?

Our tub is designed to make its own ice. You can set your desired temperature on either the controller or on your electronic device connected to the Inkbird app. We recommend 55-45 degrees at first.

Where can we place the B-lieve?

The B-lieve is designed for indoor and outdoor use. If you live in an area that has temperatures that reach below freezing you will need to keep your filtration on while the outdoor ambient is at or below freezing. We use cedar and marine grade plywood that is stained and sealed with a UV, mold, and mildew all-weather protectant.

How do you drain it?

Inside the mechanical bay is a boiler drain that you can hook up a garden hose.

Do I have to assemble it?

Your B-lieve will be delivered to your driveway and once it's set in place you just need to unwrap it, fill it up, plug it in and turn it on.

Do I need to unplug it while I’m using it?

The B-lieve is GFCI protected and designed to operate 24/7

How big is it?


The overall dimensions of the B-lieve is 90-3/4” Long X 34-1/4 Wide and 27-1/4 Tall

What electrical will I need?

15amp 120 Volt circuit within 6 feet


The warranty is good for 3 years from the date of delivery.